Company profile

The processing of wood used in the sauna industry is part of the Holz Herrmann core competence. The company from Rosengarten near Schwäbisch Hall in the south of Germany supplies to a large number of leading sauna manufacturers.

The family business, founded in 1954 and today managed by the brothers Jürgen and Karlheinz Herrmann, has developed into a major German importer and processor of Canadian hemlock. The same applies to the abachi imported from Africa that, thanks to its very high stability and low heat conductivity, is used for the bench slats in saunas.

Holz Herrmann also has other important timbers for the sauna industry, such as Nordic spruce, aspen, red and yellow cedar as well as thermally treated timbers in its product range.

Sauna veneer panels are also popular when a special design is called for. More than 100 veneers are available, many of them from stock. Solid woods are still the first choice, however, for pure sauna cabins.

The core competence of the Swabian company includes customised production of the various slats and wooden profiles. “We can produce practically any dimensions and special profiles,” explains Jürgen Herrmann. The company delivers to around 60 customers in Germany as well as in the important export markets of Poland, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey. We even have a customer as far away as South Africa.